lookin' a little hippie;

Feeling so skinny today



dash is dead. I will follow all of you ! <3

Do I not exist ? I wish I put all my time into this blog and not my personal one. D:

115 pounds, finally again :)

So happy. now… lower, kay thanks :)

Added new to my prog blog.

SOOO DISSATISFIED with myself /:

Is it bad that,

I have a friend that is 4 years younger than me (family friend), and she is a 00 in pants, she is like 5 foot 1 or 2, she has the perfect stomach… is it bad that I want her stomach ? Even though she is only 13… and 5 inches shorter than me ? geesh |:

I need to stop being lazy.

I think I’m going to give the abc diet another try.. Or maybe I’ll just stick to working out first & see how that goes. Because restricting isn’t exactly how I want to go, I kinda wanna do this the healthy way. Sighhhhh. Ideas ? Help ?

Bad quality.. But I&#8217;m trying to start again.

Bad quality.. But I’m trying to start again.

I have really let myself go.

I am back up to like.. 115 pounds. |:

BUT, I just enlisted in the Navy. I can’t go below 109, without having to get a waver /: I was 116 when I signed up, then to 113, and now, it just kinda fluctuates. I keep seeing all of these pictures of super nice stomachs too, I wish results were over night, I never feel like doing anything, is getting me anywhere, because I can’t see results instantaneously.